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    Performance Issues with 3.0

    Peter Kelley Newbie

      I have a page that is taking 14 seconds to display a select control on JBoss 3.0. We are using Webwork 1.1 as our MVC framework. This page is quick under Tomcat 4.0.4 but still slow if I replace the tomcat version in JBoss 3.0 with 4.0.4.

      After tracing the execution in a debugger it appears to be in the Tomcat code where the slowdown occurs but standalone Tomcat is fine.

      The attatched file demonstrates the problem. Simply unzip the file to a directory called test.war in the JBoss server deploy directory of your choice, browse to http://localhost:8080/test and follow the link. The log statements will show you the timing.

      I've also submitted this problem as a Webwork issue but it really looks like a JBoss/Tomcat integration problem to me. Any ideas ?