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    shutdown useless services can boost performance

    fox Newbie

      Hi folks

      If my app does not use JossMQ and J2EE connector architecture, can l shutdown those MBean services for
      JBossMQ and JBossCX ? Secondly, can it save up some resources / boost performance of jboss ?

      It is highly appreciated someone can provide me the answers.

      thx & regards

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          Andreas Schaefer Apprentice

          Whatever service you don't need and which is also not needed by JBoss internally you can take them out, especially the MBeans from JBossMQ.

          Note that later JCA will be used to deliver JMS messages to a message driven bean which means that you can't get ride of JCA when you are using MDBs.
          Another example is Hypersonic when the JDBC2 Persistence Manager is used in JBossMQ (you can't remove Hypersonic).

          Have fun - Andy