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    Slow Performance with Jetty and Jboss 3

    Ron Jawanda Novice

      I have a index.jsp page that has a form. I then process some user input and run a servlet. This servlet takes 20 seconds to extract the data. This is fine because on the command line using SQL Plus> (oracle 7) it takes about the same amount of time.
      The problem is that if I have more than 2 people running the query and a third person then just tries to display the index.jsp page the index.jsp page doesn't put up the input form until both user 1 and user 2 queries are complete. (no query happens when initially displaying the index.jsp page. It is only a user input form and then after they press submit it calls the servlet and does the 20 second query)

      So I wonder why it can't even display the index.jsp page. It is almost like there isn't any concurrency at all. The servlet should be able to run X # of users shouldn't it?
      My question is does anyone run a Entity bean that gets a lot of data and has more than 2 users?
      Hope someone can help me.

      NOTE: i can't do anything about the query. There is a huge BAAN recursive table in ORACLE 7 and I need to find the parent child relationship (connect by prior ...) and then join it with another table to get the attributes. Since it is oracle 7 there is a shortcoming to the connect by prior command and I have to flatten out the recursiveness into a temporary table. Then I do a second query on the temporary table and join it with the attribute table. All this takes 20 seconds. I can't do anything about it).

      Any suggestions?


      I have an Entity Bean that does a lot of data manipulation that takes about 20 seconds. This is ok for me however the problem is that many people have to do the same thing. I started testing and tried concurrent

      The slow time is because I am using a recursive query into Oracle 7.