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    how to reduce IO caused by multiple users

    fox Newbie

      Hi All Jboss guru

      It is highly appreciated somebody can advice me on how to configure JBoss to reduce I/O activities. Below is the info of my ejb app.

      JBOSS 2.4.4 + Tomcat 3.2.3 + Win 2000 server + Apache 1.3.

      When there are multiple concurrent users(~5-10) accessing my ejb app, l find that the I/O activities of the JVM surge and the response of my EJB app is very slow. And in general, my app follow quite closely the ejb design patterns suggested by sun's petstore.
      It is very thankful if someone can suggest to me
      1) how to configure jboss to reduce I/O activities
      2) advice me on some effective approaches to identify which part of my ejb app bring to the fierce I/O activities. For,e.g how can l monitor the I/O activites of stateful / stateless / entity bean in JBoss (use print statement or what ???).

      thanks a ton !