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    Port limitations with many EJB Clients?

    rboston Newbie

      I've got an ejb app using 3.0 that has several hundred simultaneous stateful session bean clients.
      Each of them are pumping data packets into the server at one second intervals and the server seems not to be able to handle it. By that I mean that it appears to be blocking on i/o. The server's cpu is fine, the client's cpu is fine but the data is not going through.
      One possibility thought of was overloading the server port.
      It looks like EVERY socket connection from the client is binding to 9444 on the server. (We change from the default.)
      Is it possible that the port is overloaded with too much data?

      If so, is there a way to have the ejb/rmi function like regular rmi where it creates a second connection between two different ports after accepting on the listening one?