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    Slow performance : Apache 1.3.x integrated with Jboss

    Ohmson Newbie

      We have an JSP application that needs to run within Jboss and Catalina. These are hard customer requirements as they have that infrastructure to host other applications as well.

      When we have Apache 1.3.x integrated with Jboss + Catalina so that Apache can serve static content, the performance of our JSP app is just too disturbing! It was 10 times worst.

      Either the mod_jk is not doing its job well or something in Jboss is really screwed up.

      Jboss + Catalina = good performance
      Catalina + Apache = good peformance
      Catalina + Apache + Jboss = sucks!

      Version: Jboss 3.0.1, Apache 1.3.26, Catalina 4.0.4

      Mac OS X server, but it should be the same on other platforms?

      Any help is appreciated!