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    JBoss performances

    elfisor Newbie


      I work on an EJB project (about 50 entity beans and 5 sesssion beans)and we are using Jboss 3.0.2+ Tomcat 4.0.4. The database is MySql 3.23.49. The project is on Windows 2000.
      The JVM memory is Xmx=256M, Xms=256M
      Actually, we are doing some bench tests, about 100 users.

      We noted the following:
      - the transaction response time average starts to degrade at 50-60 users,
      - a big number of http requests were refused by the server (why?)
      - the number of throughputs increases at the beginning, and then it decreases (isnt'n normal!)

      Could someone give me some hints about where to look for improve the performances:
      - modify the parameters of the EJB container?
      - the database connexion pool (increase the number of the connexions in the pool)?
      - the web server (put a Apache server in frontal of JBoss)?
      - use an another JVM (IBM or BEA)?

      I don't know where is the bottleneck.