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    Settings for J2EE ERP with 5,000 Beans

    sofco Newbie

      Our subject is a J2EE ERP Program System
      (from Purchase, Raw Mat., Prod., Order
      Management until Delivery & Invoicing,
      to A/P, A/R, G/L, Cost Acctg), using
      JBOSS/Apache/Tomcat, Oracle 8i, and Linux,
      with 5,000 Session Beans and Entity Beans.
      We use 1 Dual Xeon-Processor Server with 8 GB
      RAM for the Oracle 8i DB, and 1 Dual Xeon-
      Processor with 8 GB RAM for Application Server

      Problem = unpredictable Response Times:
      a) Generally the first 2-3 hours after restart
      are okay with around 3 seconds response time
      b) After a few hours the response time increases
      to up to 60 seconds, and finally everything hangs
      c) Occasionally the same program with 2-3 seconds
      response time suddenly needs 60 seconds response
      time, also during the first hour after restart

      a) Max. Heap Size = 1.024 GB only? (Solaris = 8 GB?)
      b) Garbage Collector works only upon restart?
      c) Do we choke the DB-connection because we use
      3 ways to access the DB?:
      1) To READ-WRITE = Entity Beans
      2) To READ ONLY:
      a) some Session Beans use direct JBOSS-Connection
      b) directly from EJB, not using JBOSS-Connection?