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    Show Modal Panel without javascript?

    Michi hakan Newbie

      I'm currently working on a project including ajax4jsf and richfaces. I wanted to ask if it's possible to render the modal panel component without calling it from javascript? Or maybe there is another solution for my problem:
      When the user clicks a button, a part from the page gets re-rendered. There's also an error section that gets rerendered everytime the user does an action (The errormessage/status holds a managed-bean).
      Currently I'm using an normal outputLabel to Display the error at the end of the site:

      <h:panelGroup id="errormessage">
      <c:if test="${pGC9230DeviceBean.state == -1}">
      <h:outputLabel value="#{pGC9230DeviceBean.errorMsg}" id="error" styleClass="error"/>

      Well, this section always gets rerendered. Now I wan't to use an modal-panel to display the erro-message...
      One solution could be to use a4j:status and use the onstop event... but how can I check from javascript if the status of some of the bean's values is -1?