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    Performance Degradation

    Vinay Menon Newbie

      We are trying to benchmark JBoss 3.0.4-Tomcat 4.1.12 and seem to find that the perfomance degrades consistently when the server is hit with a sustained load. For e.g. while the first time we run a suite of 400 transacations it runs it in apprx 5.5 mins while the second time around it take 6 mins and the third time it takes 7.5 mins.
      This is with just one user hitting the server [a 4 CPU Sun Solaris V 480. Have tried starting the server with 1GB to 3 GB of RAM].
      The commit option is C and the max CMP bean capacity is 1000 [have lowered this number]. The connection pool is set to 100/500 and is not going beyond the minimum setting. The application is a mix of Stateless Session Beans [approx 100], CMP Beans [approx 75 reado only and 75 read-write] and a couple of MDBs. The JMS queues use the default settings.

      Any ideas??



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          Valerij Timofeev Newbie


          I've unfortunately no ideas :-(, but encounter performance problems too.

          We tested our web application by means of HttpUnit suite in 10 parallel processes. The same Java code (generated with xDoclet):

          - WebLogic - stable, quick enough
          - JBoss - instable, ending with no response
          But we get a lot of "reentrant call detected..." exceptions. We will try to eliminate them and then repeat our tests.

          JBoss 3.0.4-Tomcat 4.1.12, W2K - one processor ;-)