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    JBoss gets 'stuck' on Win2K

    McGee Newbie

      Hi all,

      We've been running JBoss for a few months, and we've gotten used to having to hit Enter sometimes in the JBoss console window, to goose JBoss and get it going again.

      My guess is this has nothing to do with JBoss (why would it have a System.in.read() in an exception handler?), but rather something weird that Windows is doing when it gets too much text too fast, perhaps as the result of a stack trace. I further assume this would all go away if we were running JBoss as a service, which we'd like to do eventually anyway.

      Can anyone confirm or correct this?


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          Dennis Cartier Newbie

          Hi McGee,

          Turn of quick edit in the command window or stop clicking your mouse in it. Turning off quick edit is the easiest. Right click on the menu bar and look under 'properties' to find the check box to turn it off.


          P.S. Confused me at first as well :)

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            Jeff Bischoff Newbie

            I am reviving an old topic, because I still have an issue with this. Turning off "quick edit" mode makes left-clicking on the jboss window safe, but right-clicks still get it "stuck." Even worse, a double-right click can send it into "mark" mode, which could leave it stuck indefinately!

            These problems happen because JBoss runs out of a batch file in windows. This behavior is common, and if you run a simple test java program from the command prompt, you will see the same thing happening. However, if you run that same test program from a windows shortcut directly, the resulting console box seems to ignore all mouse clicks within the display area, a desirable trait!

            Is there any way to run JBoss in Windows aside from using a batch file? Is there a way to keep the console from reacting to right-clicks? Or is there some other workaround that JBoss users have come up with, besides just "being careful" with the JBoss window...


            Jeff Bischoff

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              Peter Johnson Master

              What I usally do is redirect stdout and stderr to a file, this usually does the trick. You can either edit run.bat to do this all the time (this is what I do), or just remember to do it every time you run run.bat. If you need to keep tabs on the console output, you can always use the tail utility, which you can download from http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/.

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                Jeff Bischoff Newbie

                Thanks for replying Peter,

                Ooh... tail utility sounds interesting. What is your experience with the windows port, does it perform well?

                I'm going to look into this. If tail works out, I may then just run JBoss as a system service, as described in http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=RunJBossAsAServiceOnWindows.



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                  Peter Johnson Master

                  I've been using tail on windows for years. It was one of the must-have utliities that I obtained when I was forced off of unix and onto windows in the early 90's. Never had a problem with it, I can even delete the file I am doing a tail on with no problems, though then I wonder why it isn't showing me any of the new output until I remember that I need to restart it with the new file.

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                    Jeff Bischoff Newbie

                    I have installed JBoss as a system service, and am tailing it with the utility you recommended. I gotta say, I am pretty pleased overall with this setup.

                    One minor word of caution to others: If you tail a rollingFileAppender, it will not be able to properly "roll over". It will create the new file okay, but it will not be able to rename the old file, which is lost. Tail reports "file truncated," but continues tailing the new file. (though it seems to skip the first line of the new file sometimes)

                    Therefore, it's probably not a good idea to tail your rolling appenders. You can tail the redirected console output, as Peter does. I prefer to configure an additional appender in log4j.xml specifically geared towards being tailed.

                    Thanks again for your help, Peter.


                    Jeff Bischoff
                    Kenneth L Kurz & Assoc, Inc.