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    Ann: Jinspired Provides Free JDBInsight 1.2 Developer Editio

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      Jinspired Provides Free JDBInsight 1.2 Developer Edition License

      DUBLIN, IRELAND - 14 April , 2003 - Jinspired (www.jinspired.com), a leader in J2EE™ transaction analysis, today announced that it is providing a free license for the Developer Edition of its innovative performance tuning product, JDBInsight 1.2.

      J2EE™ developers using JDBInsight 1.2, can now acquire a greater understanding of the transactional behaviour of their J2EE™ components from day one. With the early adoption of JDBInsight in the development life cycle, many of the common performance problems can be prevented. JDBInsight's unique and powerful information visualizations of SQL and JDBC™ transactions, make it an ideal tool for those development teams looking to reduce the risks of incurring future performance and scalability problems with their J2EE™ applications.

      "The feedback from the development and performance testing community regarding JDBInsight's low overhead, transactional behaviour data capture, and user interface has been phenomenal.", said William Louth, CTO & Product Architect, Jinspired. “The reason for providing a free Developer Edition license is to encourage the early adoption of Java application performance and monitoring products. Typically, Jinspired is called in to resolve performance problems too late in the development lifecycle, resulting in increased development, hardware and software costs to the customer that could have been prevented.”

      How to get a free developer license?
      Visit http://www.jinspired.com/products/jdbinsight/download.html.

      Forthcoming Release - JDBInsight 2.0
      Jinspired also announced that it will be releasing version 2.0 of JDBInsight at the JavaOne conference to be held in San Francisco, CA , 10-13 June 2003. The new release will be on show at their JavaOne stand. Some of the new features in JDBInsight 2.0 include:-

      -Automatic Java component detection and classification engine for EJB, JDO, JSP and Servlets
      -Integrated Java call stack and transactional path analysis
      -Advanced performance bottleneck visualizations
      -Java VM Profiler Interface (JVMPI) support
      -Transaction demarcation identification
      -System Testing support
      -Snapshot comparison
      -Scripting interface

      About JDBInsight
      JDBInsight is an innovative enterprise development product, aimed at simplifying the performance tuning and testing of J2EE™ applications, which access data through the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC™) API. JDBInsight analyses the access of enterprise data by J2EE™ client-, web-, and bean containers. The analysis can encompass transaction executions, from multiple J2EE™ containers. JDBInsight captures timing and execution information for enterprise data accessed by Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Session- and Entity Beans using JDBC™ or an Entity Bean using a container's persistence engine. JDBInsight can also profile non-J2EE applications that access enterprise data through the JDBC™ API.

      About Jinspired
      Jinspired located in Ireland, delivers JDBInsight, a comprehensive solution for Application Performance Tuning and Testing that focuses directly on early identification within the development and testing lifecycle. Jinspired offers sophisticated analytical tools, that capture transactional behaviour and performance timing information, across multiple containers in a single console, and presents this information intuitively to the user "Visualizing the Invisible”.