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    ECperf 1.1

    Jon Barnett Master

      For those interested, I have written a manual and a package of changes that allow ECperf 1.1 to integrate with JBoss 3.2.x. Originally, I thought the task would be simple - after all, ECperf 1.0 was pretty straightforward.

      Anyway, the result is a 20 page document, a tarball of changes and no sleep for three nights. Let me know through here if things aren't working, aren't clear or if I've missed anything.

      The documentation is at :

      The documentation and code change tarball is at:

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          Jon Barnett Master

          We've updated our changes to operate with the JBoss SourceForge distribution of ECperf 1.1. Apart from dealing with a problem we were in the middle of fixing, the CVS had a less invasive JBoss configuration.

          I hope however, that our documentation helps others walk through the installation process. Also, we add a change to ECperf launcher/driver so that you don't need to change port bindings on JBoss to avoid the test harness RMI binding.