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    JBoss/Linux stress test crashes when memory hits 125MB

    Kevin Newbie

      Hi all,

      We are running JBoss on RedHat Linux. We have specified a 500MB minimum and 1.5GB maximum on a 4GB machine with dual 1.3Ghz Xeon cpus.

      We stress test it by running up to 10,000 transactions over a period of time. On average it appears we are doing 10 rows of inserts (through CMP) per second, so it takes a few minutes at least to run the test.

      It appears once the JVM gets up to around 125MB, the JBoss crashes. We get the Java Out Of Memory exception. The JVM is still running, but we can't make connections any longer, so honestly we don't know if the JVM is crashing, or JBoss itself is crashing.

      Anyone see anything like this? Is the JVM on Linux still buggy and can't handle large amounts of memory (heck, that isn't even that much)?