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    508 Accessibility

    davidintx Newbie

      I was just wondering if any consideration had been given to using richfaces with a site that needs to be section 508 accessible. In particular, is there a way to use richfaces components on a site and still have it be accessible. (Section 508 is the policy which governs how U.S. Gov't sites can operate. In particular, they must meet certain accessibility guidelines).

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          Jorge Quiroga Newbie

          I am in the technology study stage in a software project for Canadian govenrment, but one of the main requirements is accessibility because some users are visually impaired. I would like to use JSF because costs and functionality, but sadly I see that mostly JSF components doesn't have good support for accessibility (Section 508 particularly) even paid suites. In this arena .NET is winning because the accessibility in their components and third party components (like DevExpress for instance) already has accessibility support and better yet, you can enable or disable accessibility which is the ideal solution for me that has users with and without disabilities. the problem is the budget for the tools (you know how is the things with the government) and .NET technology in general.


          Is Richfaces 4 designed to support accessibility (508 section particularly) as JSF claims? or maybe isn't a concern for RichFaces design?. Could you please respond this question soon?

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            I can't say we do not complain about that at all.. Just that was never present in the checklist for QE during the components development. but you're completelly right. We has to do that earlier or later so created https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RFPL-1402 to establish our plans on that and create concrete action items.

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              Jorge Quiroga Newbie

              Hello Ilya:


              Those are good news. The WAI-ARIA work will be enable/disabled in a session manner?, or it will have there always, it will be by default or I as developer or user have to activate/deactivate it in some manner?. I hope that the use case be tested against software like JAWS or similar and get feedback from real users of those technologies.



              Thanks. Your team has been doing a great job!!!.