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    Hangup parallel webservices threads under jboss321+tomcat

    thutmose Newbie

      Loadtest under jboss 3.2.1 + tomcat 4.1.24 + axis on Linux 2.4 with more than one concurrent Session caused an application hangup. With 5 parallel test sessions the application dies after few requests (20 - 200 requests). The apache jk2 (2.0.1) logs timeouts and bufferoverflows and other messages. We use Sun's jdk1.4.1. The cpu load and storage consumption on the linux box increases while parallel testing, but isn't critical.

      It seems the servlet container tomcat or the webservices servlet axis are blocking. Customizing the MinThreads and MaxThreads etc. in tomcats service.xml changes the runtime of requests (varies 1 to 30 seconds) but don't solve the blocking problem. If we start the application serialized (one thread), then we haven't problems. Has anyone an idea.