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    Performance Woes

    xjbossfan Newbie


      I was using jboss throughout dev, 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. at deploy time on the prod boxes ... 3.2.1 was pretty slow ... could not figure it out .. thread tunning, jvm args, inc gc etc.. nothing worked..... so i switched to 3.2.0 (btw all this is on redhat 7.3 with mysql) ... performance increased ... but now i realise out of the box even with slight tweaks ... i cannot progress, there is no real performance tuning guide, surely out of the box the performance should at least be adequate ?? BTW this was with jboss/jetty ...

      So after frustrations ... ( i can't go live with this performance ..) I am now looking at porting the apps over to orion - out of the box .. performance is super fast compared to jboss.

      Sorry for my woes ... but there are no clear documents for performance tuning .. even out of the box ... its *slow* :-((( yes i did compile with optimize on etc etc ..

      Still Hoping For JBoss Performance :-((