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    load monitoring

    Peter Backx Newbie

      Is there any way I could do load (and memory usage) monitoring on individual EJBs? I'd like to get some kind of rundown of what EJBs are using how many resources.

      Since the clustering supports load balancing I suppose that useful code is already available somewhere, but I just can't seem to find it. Or is the clustering just performing some basic round robin without actually monitoring the servers?


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          jbossnz Newbie

          That's my understanding of how it works too.

          Not bad for low loads but under high loads the overloaded servers attract most of the connections (using the RoundRobin policy). Basically the overloaded server responds slowly, underloaded servers respond quickly (and then the connections move onto the next server in the RoundRobin) so on average more connections will be added to the overloaded node than are removed.

          If there are lots of clients FirstAvailable Policy should work better at balancing the load