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    How to set the value of bean property (type java.util.Set) f

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice


      I have 2 tables category and product. they have one-to-many relation in them.

      Category : cat_id(PK),cat_name,cat_desc
      Product : prod_id(PK),prod_name,prod_desc,cat_id(FK)

      As both have one to many relation so i have declared a set in Category Table.

      class Category implements Serializable
      Set products;
      public void setProducts(Set prod)
      this.products = prod;
      public Set getProducts()
      return products;

      i need to refer the result list of Category entity bean from my JSF view page.
      here my problem is i cant diplay the set value in my JSF page, becaause no one JSF component to support to display the Set value
      so i convert the Set value into List and then i can diplay it, as in


      here the same proble will arrives when i need to set the value to Category entity bean,

      i dont know how to set the property value of "products" Category class from my JSF page

      Please any one help to how to set the value to "Category" class property "products"