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    3.2.2 performance tests

    Franco Apprentice

      after some tests, the 3.2.2 release, in an EJB environment show 22% better performance.
      Very good.

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          Jochen Cordes Novice

          Hi !

          I've experienced performance gains, too (about 25%). May be a result of the massive code-cleanups ;-). More performanced can be gained by using jrockit or jikes with sun jdk (nearly no improvements by using jikes with jrockit).

          Very, very good. I'm investigating for more tuning possibilities :-).

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            Frank Langelage Master

            Using prepared-Statements (added <prepared-statement-cache-size>1000</prepared-statement-cache-size> to the datasource config) doubled performance for my test app.

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              Jon Barnett Master

              It is faster with the tweaking that has been done. However, I notice that 3.2.2 seems more sensitive to lock-ups during deployments. While I don't get any slow downs with repeated deployments I noticed that occassionally things would get tangled and JBoss would stop responding - hung partway through the undeply/deploy cycle and wouldn't respond to a shutdown.

              I have also noticed the lock up problem with MBean deployments. I was changing an MBean structure and unfortunately forgot to update the deployment descriptors. When it got to the deployment on a clean boot, JBoss hung at that stage. In normal operation though, there are no problems.

              Just things of which to be aware.

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                Elias Ross Master

                If you can get a solid stack trace (kill -3 PID) of the JBoss process and file a bug, that'd be swell.. I haven't seen the same problems you describe.

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                  Jon Barnett Master

                  I'll see what I can do to provoke a lockup again. I'm just in the process of rationalising resource links and lookups with XDoclet.

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                    Manish Parikh Newbie

                    I do not see preparedstatement in the dtd for the datasource? where do I specify the prepared statement cache?