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    caching images

    ramy monei Newbie

      Hi all

      I cached the images in the client using javascript technique and I checked that with internet explorer and I found out that all the images has been available in the cach folder but I found out everytime I make a rollover for an image then JBoss write a new line on the consol for the image like that 'URI /images/image.gif' . it means that we hit the server everytime . do we need any special tunning for jboss to support images preloading and caching in the client . do you have any idea idea how to solve this problem and stop hitting the server everytime when we need an image from the client , again all the images are available on the client


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          Jon Barnett Master

          This is a client issue rather than a Jetty/Tomcat issue. Note that JBoss does not actually play any significant role in this as it is merely a microkernel that starts the web application servers (Jetty/Tomcat).

          Jetty and Tomcat are required to server content every time they are asked to do so. That is their contract of service. Judging by your observations, I would say that your javascript is not preventing the web client from requesting content from the web application servers rather than retrieving it from the browser-based cache. Search some of the Javascript forums via Google for some hints on the rollover/local caching methods.