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    JBoss3.2.2 vs Orion 2.0.2

    Osten Forshed Newbie

      Since there are no good figures about JBoss performance and there have been
      some doubts raised under this topic, I had to verify JBoss was not
      lightyears behind...

      This is NOT a very scientific test!

      I wanted to deploy the EJB Petstore on both JBoss and Orion and then compare
      performance using a simple load-testing tool...

      I downloaded JBoss 3.2.2 RC4, Orion 2.0.2, MySQL 4.0.15 and installed them.
      Then I downloaded xPetstore (http://xpetstore.sourceforge.net/) and deployed
      it on both JBoss and Orion. Finally I recorded a purchase where a user
      logged in put 5 items in cart and checked out using JMeter...

      Running purchase test case gave following metrics:

      5 clients/10 purchase loops each:


      Throughput: 772 req/min
      Average: 69 ms
      Median: 40 ms
      Deviation: 96


      Throughput: 1165 req/min
      Average: 50 ms
      Median: 20 ms
      Deviation: 57

      10 clients/10 purchase loops each:


      Throughput: 1220 req/min
      Average: 169 ms
      Median: 80 ms
      Deviation: 316


      Throughput: 1250 req/min
      Average: 162 ms
      Median: 70 ms
      Deviation: 209

      20 clients/5 purchase loops each:


      Throughput: 1046 req/min
      Average: 290 ms
      Median: 110 ms
      Deviation: 451


      Throughput: 913 req/min
      Average: 194 ms
      Median: 70 ms
      Deviation: 279

      (The tests were ran on my lousy 1MHz laptop)

      Make your own conclusion...


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          krypton Novice


          Can you try the comparison with 3.2.2 final rather than the RC4 release. Can you post the results here if possible :-)


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            Juha Lindfors Master

            Also I'm not sure how much it makes sense to compare app servers with their default out-of-the-box configs. Would seem to me you won't get any idea of the performance of either app server when doing so.

            -- Juha

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              sbocquet Newbie


              Don't want to add a critic to JBoss, but after using the two servers (JBoss and Orion), there's another advantage in choosing Orion... it's simply to configure.
              I work with JBoss since 2 years now, and I'm always lost in all those configuration files and parameters...
              Also I'm pretty good in those technics, we aren't all specialists and experts, and can't pass hours and hours to discover the perfect parameters that could boost our apps...

              What I want from an application server is to be stable, fast, normalize and... simple to configure and tune !