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    "RMI RenewClean" Thread build up

    rdstoker Newbie

      Hi, I am running JBoss 3.0.8 on Win2K under JDK 1.4.1, I see a consistent rise in the number of threads used by my application over time. I inserted some debug info on the Threads that are being run within the application and found that the number of "RMI RenewClean" threads is the main culprit. After the application is started there are approx 5 - 10 of these threads, after 7 days of running there are in excess of 100 "RMI RenewClean" threads out of a total of 240, the application starts at approximately 125 threads.

      Has anyone come accross this before, will it settle down or continue to rise, or is there some way of setting a timeout or limit on these. I can find little in the way of explanation on these threads in the usual places other than they clean up references left open by remote clients and should die off after a period of time, but these seem to not want to disappear.


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          Richard Shea Newbie

          We are seeing the same problem, coincidentally also with 3.0.8 but with 1.3.1_05 JVM. In our case we are actually running out of memory because too many of these threads build up.

          I've also had a hard time tracking down sufficient information about the nature of these RenewClean threads. We definitely have a case where they just *won't* go away.

          Any information is greatly appreciated as this is devastating to our application!


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            rdstoker Newbie

            I am still trying to resolve this issue myself, the only place I have found that mentions this behaviour is on an old sun forum archive (http://archives.java.sun.com/cgi-bin/wa?A1=ind0210&L=rmi-users#26) , that may help, there are a number of discussion regarding thread leaks in RMI. One small hint I have found is that it seems to be remote objects that have callbacks that are particulary prone to this issue.