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    JBOSS + Windows 2000 Server

    amir Newbie

      I have an application running on jboss on windows 2000 server edition, my database is MSSQL 2000,
      when i start jbposs it works good [with 20 users], but after 5-6 hours jboss has a 15sec response time or higher, in this situation cpu usage and memory usage are normal,
      when i trace the requests , they got to web tier and go to entity tier, they database results gets back to web tier again , until this everything is ok, but when jsp pages do their work and response is ready to go to client , it will take 15-20 seconds , so in my application everything works fine , but some configurations are not correct,
      Could u please help me on this issue,
      Thanks a lot
      Amir Hossien Hormati

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          amir Newbie

          I want to add that i'm using jboss tomcat 3.2.0,

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            vgarimella Newbie

            We are also having the same problem. The scenario is much worse in our case. What we are facing is a blank page, and Client (browser) CPU going to 100% trying to render the page. When we right-click the mouse and view source, the entire content is there, its just not able to render the page. When we hit refresh option, the page comes up.

            Strange part is that, this is happenning occasionally not frequently. During these hangings, the server resources are minimum. So unable to trace down the problem.

            We are also using SQLServer 2000, Jboss 3.2.1 without tomcat.

            Any help is greatly appreciated.

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              decairn Newbie

              I have seen similar behavior with an IE browser and older versions of Tomcat. Everything was fine, then a browser software update happened and the first page render would always fail. Shift-refresh enabled the page to load OK. The solution in this case was to either change the browser type (Mozilla and Opera worked fine, IE did not), or update the Tomcat version; we updated Tomcat.

              I know it says you're not using Tomcat, but the behavior is the essentially the same.

              When this occurs, check the JBoss log for stack traces. In the case above we had a Java error string spit out that was tracable to a Tomcat issue.