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    weird hang-ups

    mike andrews Newbie


      "mandrews-flarion" wrote:
      hi there,

      i'm running 3.2.2/all on redhat linux 9.0, and keep getting weird hangups while my mbeans are running. what happens is logging stops, and the jmx-console stops responding via http as well. basically the whole java vm seems to pause permanently, with nothing running and the vm taking up 0% of the cpu. never indications anything went wrong in the logs, either.

      if i run jboss on the command line and watch stdout, during the hang-up ctrl-c does not exit the vm, so something seems amiss there. but when i do ctrl-z, which stops the java vm and exits to the linux shell, followed by 'fg' (to put the stopped process back into the foreground), my mbeans and logging start up again magically, and the jboss server starts to shutdown. so somehow the java vm recovers when going through the ctrl-z stopping process. weird!

      any ideas about what may be causing this crazy and deeply troubling behaviour? i'm using jdbc and xml/xslt in my mbeans, as well as running a multi-threaded custom tcp/ip server. i once thought this problem was a flawed jaxp implementation in sun-sdk-1.4.2, but the same thing happens sometimes without the jaxp (xslt).