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    jboss hangs on large hibernate query

    charlestassoni Newbie


      "charlestassoni" wrote:
      "charlestassoni" wrote:
      <p> My project uses hibernate inside jboss. Most of the time this works fine, but on large queries (2,000 or more objects returned) I find that jboss just hangs.
      <p> I've set things up so that I can run the application outside of jboss. (That's one benefit of using hibernate. Persistance isn't dependent on the application server.) And large queries execute quickly when I run outside jboss. So I don't think this is a hibernate problem.
      <p> My first guess is that jboss needs more memory on large queries, but the default run script already sets jboss's maximum memory to 512m, and when I run outside the application server I see that less than 1/10th of that is required, even for large queries.
      <p> But maybe this is a memory problem after all. Or maybe it's a (related) garage collection problem. I'd appreciate any ideas or any configuration hints.