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    adding 16000 rows.

    Surga Moin Newbie


      "sugramoin" wrote:
      "sugramoin" wrote:
      I wanted to add 16000 rows into my database table.

      I am getting Out Of Memory Exception.

      i am having 512Mb and p4 2.1 Ghz processor.

      Is there any way i can add 16000 row with out getting into Out of Memory exception.

      The code is simple no lavish use of objects, i will get a vector of Strings, on which i will iterate and create a bean in each iteration.

      I tried calling garbage collector, i get error Transaction TimedOut.

      how to solve the problem.


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          mike andrews Newbie


          "mandrews-flarion" wrote:
          "mandrews-flarion" wrote:
          you may want to check out how many of those entities are configured for caching, in the <container-configurations> element, sub-sub-element <cache-policy-conf>. i found that jboss out-of-the-box defaults to caching an inordinate number of entities for 5 minutes or more, a situation which can exhaust memory, but can be remedied by lowering the numbers in that configuration.

          also, some of the mbeans under 'jboss.j2ee' will give you a live picture of how many cached instances are being held in memory. that may confirm this explanation.