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    Question about JSP compared to Php & and Ldap compared to My

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      "fangj" wrote:
      I write some test application with Jsp+Mysql(Jboss),Jsp+SqlServer,C#.net+Sqlserver,Php+Mysql.
      It seems that Php+Mysql is much faster than other ways.(Although The environment is different).

      And I write test program with Jsp+Mysql(Jboss), Jsp+Openldap(Jboss). The result is Java+Mysql(10000 records) is faster than Java+Openldap,because java+mysql is with Connection Pool technology and ldap without it.The statement is only include one or more query method (ldap with only getatrribute statement).
      If I test jsp with connecting to ldap only for the first time, the speed of jsp is about two to three times of the java+mysql, which is much slower that it is said to be. And the speed of java+openldap is also slower than php+mysql.

      The result seems that Ldap is not so good as it is said to be, and Php+Mysql is fastest when executing simple sql statement. And this result really confuses me a lot.
      Do you have some advice about this?
      Thank you very much!