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    Profiling Jboss performance in HP-UX using -Xeprof option is

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      "indo" wrote:
      "indo" wrote:

      I am a newbie in Jboss and performance tuning so please bare with me if I asked simple questions.

      I am running Jboss 2.4.4 in HP-UX environment. This is the information regarding the box:
      model : 9000/800/L2000-5X (server)
      CPU : (2) PA8600 540 MHz (PA-RISC 2.0)
      RAM : 1 GB
      OS : HP-UX B.11.11 64-bit unlimited-user
      JVM : Java (/opt/java1.3/bin/java)

      Our client at the moment is complaining of the possible memory leak in our appliaction that runs on top of Jboss. So, we would like to do some kind of memory profiling as well as other kinds of profiling.

      I am trying to use HPJmeter and I want to insert -Xeprof option as one of the java options that launch the Jboss app.
      But it seem to me that the log file (java.eprof is the default name) never comes out.

      Has anybosy has experience with this? Your tips and advise would be greatly appreciated.