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    Harware Requiremens

    Christos Sarantinopoulos Newbie


      I have a medium sized J2EE project (session beans only, not entity)
      and I want to deploy it to a JBOSS Server running on a UNIX 11i machine.
      Can anyone tell me (or give me an indication) what are the hardware requirements for this machine in order for Jboss to be able to serve
      100 concurrent users and 1000-1500 totaly?

      Thanks you in advance

      Christos Sarantinopoulos

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          marc fleury Master

          the top left "who's online" on this very site gives you an idea of utilization
          (the many hundreds are sessions viewing pages), the members are the ones posting on forums like you and me (complex entities)

          That box is running at 3% utilization last I checked (serious).

          The box is dual XEON 2GHz Linux box from Dell, the cheapo model.

          so your stuff could probably run on my gamecube, if only I could install JBoss on it