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    Jboss JVM option -Xmx -Xms

    Sumesh Newbie

      In our production server ,Server have 4GB RAM in that

      1.We tried with -Xms512m -Xmx512m then what happed
      one or two hours after restarting again system hangs up
      and users not able to get the page.
      2.Then we started testing with bigger value that will be most suitable.
      Finally we have given -Xms:1576 , -Xmx:1576 ,-Xss128k.

      3.Now what is happening is Server is running 3,4 days after that
      free Heap size comes to 150-200m then Server hangs up.Then
      after restart lot of heap free space and running fine.

      what may be the possibilities for this issue?

      Did any gone through situation like this ?

      Friends suggest some solutions?

      Thanks in advance