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    JBOSS CMP No Select Before Insert

    sachinvidwans Newbie


      I am using jboss3.2.3 on Linux.

      There was a previous post about the "no-select-before-insert" entity command in this forum. This to avoid the select count(*) queries before inserts.

      From what I understood setting this requires the following.
      In the standardjbosscmp-jdbx.xml file

      Under defaults set
      <entity-command name="no-select-before-insert"/>


      under entity-commands

      <!-- variation on default that skips select before insert -->
      <entity-command name="no-select-before-insert"

      Note: In the real XML file there is a space between "attribute" and "name"

      After this setting I still see the the select count(*) queries in the server.log file. Am I missing something ?

      Thanks for your help.