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    Serious performance issue using Oracle and RAC/TAF

    bobneville Newbie


      We are using a third party package that uses JBOSS 3.2.2. Originally the application connected to an Oracle instance ( 64 bit) running on a single server and performance was acceptable but not great.
      We have now moved the database to it's real server which is a dual node
      Solaris 8 cluster using Oracle RAC and TAF - again 64 bit

      Database performance is great, less than .1 second response time, however the application servers running JBOSS are maxed out after a short period of time - 99% CPU etc etc. The only way we can resolve the issue is to reboot the app servers. We also notice a very large number of hanging threads which have been dumped and analysed but give us no clues.

      All other NON JBOSS applications that use this set up perform very well !!

      Is there anything we should have done to allow JBOSS to perform against this cluster correctly or, more importantly, will this type of set up work ???

      Thanks in advance