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    JBoss Production deployment problems

    Sohil Shah Master

      I have an intranet system that was just released in a production environment

      the configuaration is as follows:

      JBoss version: JBoss 3.0.8
      Database: MySql
      Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional
      Machine: Dell with 512 MB of Memory and 2.19 GHz Processor

      I have noticed that my intranet application (sme.ear) one ear file gets undeployed on its own. The JBoss server still remains online but my application undeploys itself say after 1 day or so. Once it stayed on for 7 days and then it undeployed.

      There is very little load on the application (1-2 users) right now if even that much. Yesterday I had 4 active sessions. That means its not the load that is making it do that.

      Basically it sits there and undeploys itself. I then have to redeploy it using the JMX-Console and it works just fine. Do I need to change some parameters in my configuration file? Any operating system settings need to be changed? Are there any idle timeouts after which it automatically undeploys? Any help will be greatly appreciated

      Thanks in advance

      p.s. I noticed that my beans and other contexts are still listed in the JNDI tree. Only the web server stops serving requests. I start getting 404 Not Found. I am using the built-in Jetty web server

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          bie-developer Newbie

          I noticed a similar problem a while back that may or may not be related. I had a service deployed as a MBean. Something was calling stop( ) on the service a little while after it initialized. (Services defined as MBeans can implement start( ) and stop( ) methods which are called during deploy/undeploy) The service was creating JMS queues on the fly. If I removed the line that made the MBean call to create the JMS queue, the service would not be stopped. Eventually I moved the call to create the MBean into a seperate thread (for an unrelated reason) and the problem went away. I tried to figure out what was calling stop( ) on the MBean, but I did find out much.