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    very high (or infinit) bean age

    gorano Newbie

      Hi guys,

      We have a system where all logging and insertion to DB is buffered
      by JMS. I also have all DB lookup cached on an entity level.

      This means that our system can run for a limited period even if the DB is down.

      As I understand the allowed downtime of the db depends on
      how long the cache is valid.

      Default is 600 seconds and my question is

      What performance effects could we encounter if we set this value
      really high or even close to infinit?

      If the JBoss cache hit max number of cached beans it will start to
      disallocate the older ones. Is this expensive?

      I will start play with those settings in an attempt to find out. I guess
      it should not be a problem if the number of entities in the db is limited,
      but we also have a few tables that grow all the time that we do lookup from. In this case we would always hit the max cache size if we set the bean age really high.

      Thanks for any ideas in this isssue.