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    jboss starts getting slower after 150 form submissions

    saurabh kedia Newbie

      I am using jboss 3.2.3 with Mysql....I have a struts based application..with EJB 1.1... I am using CMP's . I am seeing that after submitting a particular form 150 times+ the system tends to slow down....

      P.S - the form whcih is getting submitted has dynamically generated rows of text boxes whcih get filled up and submitted.Each row serves as an iterator which calls the create() method of the entity bean in the stateless session bean (session facade).i.e multiple calls to create method are there in each form submission....coulds be as much as 150-200 per submission......

      The system tends to slow down after about 150 entries and goes into a hang. Please provide a solution to this problem.

      Do i need to use any different approach or can i tweak any container properties to handle the high load....

      Saurabh Kedia
      Espire infolabs
      New Delhi,