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    better performance with optimize!??

    Schacher Newbie

      I have a performance question.

      After reboot the machine, it takes about 300ms to read 12 entities (2 rows each entity) and transform the data into xml
      One entity is accessed by primary key, the orders by foreign key.

      when i reboot the machine and run the mysql optimize first, it takes only about 80ms to read the 12 entities!!

      when i do the same with pure java / jdbc (outside jboss), it takes only 30ms!!! it doesn't matter, if i run optimize or not!

      does anybody knows, why there is a difference when i run optimize first (java/jdbc is always fast with/without optimize)

      i use jboss-3.2.4, cmp, commit option a, read-ahead (on load), mysql 4.0, jconnector mysql-connector-java-3.0.14-production-bin.jar

      (i hope you understand my english... :o))

      Thanks for your help