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    How to prevent RMI calls inside same VM with EJB Session ?

    Thomas BORDEY Newbie


      Wtih JBOSS 3.2.3, we observe using Borland Optimize It! Server Trace that some RMI calls (around 20% of transaction time) are used when trying to get EJB session (stateless) from JSP calls. The application is all deployed in an EAR in the same VM.

      In forums and docs, it seems that JBOSS may use optimized local call by reference when objects are in the same container.

      Using BEA Weblogic or Borland Enterprise Server (BES), with the same application, no RMI calls are made.

      We tried out to search around invoker and proxies but no parameters in config files may help them.

      Have some one any idea to prevent RMI calls inside the container and gain in performance in response time.