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    Could not activate; failed to restore state

    surajmundada Newbie


      I am using JBoss_3.2.0-tomcat_4.1.24 with default configuration and PostgreSQL as database.

      I have deployed a single Stateful Session bean in EAR file which does a very heavy task as compared to other stateless and entity beans.

      But when I send lot of concurrent requests to this statefull session bean, it gives me following error for half of the requests.

      01:35:11,103 INFO [STDOUT] ### GetProfilesServ:doService()=>I/O Exception for account_id = testsuraj@max.com ###
      01:35:11,109 INFO [STDOUT] Could not activate; failed to restore state; CausedByException is:
      /opt/jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24/server/default/tmp/sessions/GetProfileBean-dxhvoddr-3/dxhx8ptj-3bx.ser (No such file or directory)

      ../jboss*/server/default/conf/standardjboss.xml file contains following configuration for standard statefull beans ( I am using "default" configuration of JBoss server )


      Also, ..\jboss*\server\default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat.sar\META-INF\jboss-service.xml shows following configuration.

      <Connector className="org.apache.coyote.tomcat4.CoyoteConnector"
       port="8080" minProcessors="3" maxProcessors="10"
       enableLookups="true" acceptCount="10" debug="0"
       connectionTimeout="20000" useURIValidationHack="false" />

      Can any one throw some light on it ? How to avoid this error ?

      Thanks & Regards,