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    performance issues with huge file upload

    vying Newbie

      Hi all,
      My project involved a huge file(100MB) upload process in front end,then front end client sends the huge file stream to Message driven bean for processing the upload asynchrounsly and finally the MDB invokes file parser and other EJB components to feteh the the processed file data into DB.
      My problem is that the JbossMQ will be dead if I did such a large upload, possible solutions may be
      1.Let the front end client save the large file in a temporary directory, then it send just a simple message via JMS to MDB so that MDB get the URI of the file and read the file from the temporary directory.This approach is easy to implement
      2.Split the file stream into smaller pieces and the client send the smaller pieces info the MDB multiple times,but MDB has to assemble those smaller pieces again to the original one and this solution may be harder to implement.
      So any suggestions on my best choices?Thanks