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    HP-UX slows down

    Christos Sarantinopoulos Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      I have a J2EE application running on Jboss 3.0.3 on a HP-UX 11.0 machine with JVM 1.4.1 and I noticed that as time passes (and people use my application) the performance of my application is getting worse and worse.
      I tried many different configurations for the gc with no success.

      The following are two things I've noticed when I use the "top" command of hp-ux:

      a) my application always uses the first out of 4 CPUs of my machine. What do I have to do in order to use all of them?

      b) the "res" parameter of the top command is always increasing. Is this a normal behavior?

      After a period of time the system is so slow that my only salvation is the restart of the jboss server.

      Can anyone help with that?

      Thanks in advance