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    Performance : Oracle Advanced Queue 10g with OCI.

    rob van der boom Newbie


      Does anyone have experience with Performance issues regarding Oracle AQ and OCI ?
      We have switched from JMS/hypersonic to JMS/Oracle AQ with OCI driver for reporting to a queue on another oracle database server then Jboss 3.2.3 is running. Then on the oracle server the messages are consumed by PL/SQL. We introduced this solution to improve performance but not it's getting worse.
      It results in all kinds of problems:
      -Connection Pooling on oracle server not ok (connections recreated everytime).
      -Large memory problems
      -Sending messages takes longer then with JMS/hypersonic.

      -How to configure the OCI Connection Pooling (i saw some properties are default coded in the oracle patch) and where (oracle server or JBoss?).
      -How to configure JMS to improve performance ?