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    Win2003 slow down after Jboss running for 24 hrs

    AY Xu Newbie

      I'm quiet new to Jboss and reading some starting level docs right now.
      Enironment: Win2003, 1Gb Ram, Jboss3.0 with Tomcat 4.0, ERP production system runs on Jboss.

      After Jboss running for around 24 hrs, the system slow down, and end users reply me that their browser slowly connect to server. I check the server Task Manager, found: CPU ultilization < 10%, Memory usage around 939 MB/1GB, in which sqlserver.exe takes up 360MB, java.exe takes up 135MB. It looks fine. At least it indicates this is not a CPU busy or memory shortage problem.

      Every time I just shutdown Jboss(stop run.bat) and restart (double click run.bat) then everything is okay. But this only last for one day, the next morning slow down again.

      Dont know this is a configuration problem or else. If it is, can anybody tell me where to start?

      Thank you!
      A.Y. Xu