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    Implications of increasing TransactionTimout value in jboss-

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      I have been having a problem with a StatelessSession Bean that did a variable number of reads from a database and at the end wrote a record to the database (Oracle 9i) based on a summary of the processing. I have no control over the size of files that I am processing. Initially I was running into transaction timeout problems, with the net effect being that the final processing record was never being written to the database. In the end I found that the only way to solve the problem was to increase the TransactionTimeout value in jboss-service.xml

      I am not sure what the implications of changing this value are on the overall performance of JBoss. Could someone enlighten me as to the reason why the default is set to 300 seconds (5 mins) and what are the implications if any of increasing this by say a factor of 10.

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