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    Performance tuning suggestion for JMS+ Session Beans oriente

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      I'm in the midst of migrating a J2EE + Hibernate application from Weblogic to JBoss3.2.1

      It's a MDB + Session Bean opriented app. It only has 2-3 web users and there's a periodic batch process. During the batch process, we discourage users from logging in. The batch process consumes about 100MB of delimited text file and consume each line and placed in a JMS queues, etc.

      Once migrated to production, it will run on a good CPU + 2 GB RAM. I'll set memory to -Xms512m -Xmx1024m. However, I was wondering can any one suggest some changes to my default settings of JBoss which are the following: -


      HighMemoryMark 500
      MaxMemoryMark 600

      ConnectionRetryAttempts 5

      TransactionTimeout 1800

      MinSize 5
      MaxSize 20
      BlockingTimeoutMillis 5000

      Note: I use the default ConnectionFactory and defaulted to persist via Hypersonic. I intended to keep this setting.

      ...The above config works on my limited PC (1 GB RAM), but for production, if any of you could suggest some changes Or other than the above, would be great.

      Thank you.