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    loging the call trace for application performance tuning

    Sudhir Reddy Newbie

      I am working on application performance tuning project which requires the knowledge of topology of applications deployed on an JBoss App server.

      Can someone help me with the following questions :

      For finding the dependencies among application components deployed in a JBoss App Server:

      * I need to write an interceptor which will log the call trace [ something like A calling B -> Calling C ..... etc]. How can this be done ? Which object will have this information and how to access this.

      I had tried the following but it dint give me the call trace.

      I had wrote a server-side interceptor which extends org.jboss.ejb.plugins.AbstractInterceptor
      using this I am not getting the callee information :-(

      Please help me in this. Thanks in advance.

      PS: If this is not the forum to know such queries kindly redirect me to the correct forum/person