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    I/O leak in jboss application -

    Alon Agmon Newbie

      hi all,

      we have recently deployed a jboss based application to a production server -
      after 7 days of perfect performance - the sys admin tried to logon
      using jass- role based auth (user/role properties file)
      and failed every time.

      after watching the logs i have noticed an I/O Exception- too many open files -
      now thats odd -
      and after further tests i noticed that the thread count is always rising .
      after 3 days the thread count is 400 !!

      so first how can i isolate the leak to find if its in the WEB/EJB container ?

      considering the fact that i cant physically access the server only through a secured shell - how can i find the source of all the threads?

      we are using Jboss 4.0 on Linux fedora 2 with jdk 5(tiger)

      if anyone has any advise or idea ...