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    ant integration

    Adam Storm Newbie

      This is not enough information to do anything but guess. What db, jcml, bmp/cmp, code, etc etc? Can you make a small self contained example that shows the problem using hypersonic?

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          Bernd Zeitler Expert

          Well, what kind of performance tuning are you doing ;-) ?
          Did I get you right? You are setting properties within your build file and you expect to read them (as system property?) in your testcase? This won't work, since ant uses "private" properties for every ant project.
          If ant task you are using for tests doesn't support to pass properties as arguments, write your own task as wrapper and pass them.

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            Adam Storm Newbie

            Hi Frito
            Could you email me so that I can ask a few more questions? What you said sounds complicated. My simple mind needs more help.