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    Problem with caching

    sanjuthomas Newbie

      Hi all,
      I have a major problem with my application, Its working fine in the JBoss 3.2 with windows, but in Linux its giving some problem.

      The scenario is :

      User "A" has loged in the application. Its ok working fine, He has accesses few pages in the application.

      User "B" has loged in the application. Now the login page is ok working fine, User "B" will get his own page. But when he go to other pages he is getting A's page rather than his page. "B" is getting his page only when he refersh the page.

      The thing is its working fine in windows. But in the Linux machine its showing the problem.

      I think the problem is because of some caching configuration in the JBoss server or in the Linux machine. I think the proxy cache setting is working fine because other applications are working fine. On the same time I dont think that its problem with the Code because its giving perfect result in the windows machine on the same JBoss server.

      Please some one help me.

      with regards
      Sanju Thomas