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    Heap Size increase on Server Idle

    Kalyan Newbie

      Hi All,

      We are running a JBoss server with sun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval and sun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval values each set to 10 minutes. The following are the Full GCs that are captured when the server is idle for about 110 minutes. We have noticed that there is a constant rise of around 70MB in heap size for every 10 minutes, even when the server is idle. Can someone explain as to why there is so much of garbage generated/collected in every 10 minutes?

      2466.215: [Full GC 127587K->55602K(481536K), 1.0465392 secs]
      3067.300: [Full GC 127853K->55632K(481536K), 1.0495520 secs]
      3668.390: [Full GC 127883K->54428K(481536K), 1.3231582 secs]
      4269.750: [Full GC 126679K->54458K(481536K), 1.0598577 secs]
      4870.850: [Full GC 126709K->54487K(481536K), 1.0436858 secs]
      5471.930: [Full GC 126738K->54517K(481536K), 1.0379261 secs]
      6073.010: [Full GC 126768K->54428K(481536K), 1.0373439 secs]
      6674.090: [Full GC 126679K->54458K(481536K), 1.0623252 secs]
      7275.190: [Full GC 126709K->54487K(481536K), 1.0392751 secs]
      7876.270: [Full GC 126738K->54517K(481536K), 1.0470512 secs]
      8477.360: [Full GC 126768K->54428K(481536K), 1.0397621 secs]
      9078.440: [Full GC 126679K->54458K(481536K), 1.0476057 secs]